Back Home but Still Go-Going!

Since our wonderful adventures in Oregon/Washington, Elliot has been getting cooler and groovier by the second...

...her tongue is still adorably hanging out of her mouth all the time...

...and she is constantly trying to broaden her ideas about the world.

While Elliot has been doing her thing, we built an AWESOME blanket fort, which inhabited our living room for about a week. Nothing like tuna melts with avacado in a blanket fort to make one's day!

Elliot got to go to Crescent Bay. She wasn't too fond of the sand...
 ...but she loved to sit in her bumbo in her little beach shelter and laugh at Mom. (She was laughing so hard she had to hold her head to keep it on...melts her Mama's heart every time she looks at that sequence!)

A little later Elliot finally met her cousins, Jamie and Cherie, at Jamie's wedding! No better place to get to know each other!
 A stay at Great Grandma and Grandpa's allowed Elliot to meet even more family she hadn't yet!

 Then Edgar and Anne, one of our favorite couples, got to meet our little cutie!

 Daddy is a great dance partner.

Hanging with second cousin, Lillian! (Gotta love the classic, Elliot scowl...Lillian doesn't have a scowling bone in her body!)

Our FOURTH anniversary came and went, but not without a celebration! (Four years, and we're still so dang hot!) Melissa set up a surprise, "progressive" dinner for Matt while his brother took him on a trip to Best Buy. Billy and Katie babysat Elliot for us so we could have a quiet, distraction-free, evening. Even though this was our first year staying home for our anniversary, we decided there could hardly be a trip that was better.

While Elliot let us have our anniversary time, she got to hang out with her cousins. Apparently our girl can not only take a hit, but she deals them out too!

Ok, you have to click on this collage and make it bigger...if this does not make your day 100% better, we'll give you your money back, guaranteed!

No matter where we are, or what critters we run into, life could not be better!