Half A Year!?!

We have had our little girl, in our arms and in our home, for SIX MONTHS now! Although it doesn't seem possible that she is that old, every new phase with her is just cuter and cuter!
Seriously...if those grins wouldn't crack a parent up, we don't know what would! What's great is that those faces are not just reserved for us. Every person who wants Elliot's attention gets it, and usually they receive at least one heart-warming smile.

Because we were not around for Elli's four month appointment, she got a five month check-up. Now she has to wait until seven months before she can get her next set of, (shhhh...shots). Poor girl. But we do love the doctor visits for one reason, and that is for a status update on our girl's growth.
Here are her five month statistics, (since we never shared):
Weight - 13lbs 1.5oz (16th percentile!)
Height - 25.98 in (84th percentile!)
Our girl is going to be a model!
Our lives have taken such an awesome meaning since our Elli-bean arrived. Even though we had fun before, everything glows a little more!
We love you, Elliot!