Because You Know You Want More...

We had SO much fun this weekend, and put way too much effort into our costumes. These facts combined elicit this next post:

The day before Halloween we attended Tommy's late, but definitely worth-the-wait birthday party.

Here's a sight you don't see everyday...
 Grandma loves.
 Jack-Jack Attack!
 "UpCake Girl!" as Sophie would so cutely say when asked who she was!
 A very majestic Lia.
Tinker Bell was having a blast...she just couldn't stop flying around.
 Billy and Katie had tons of fun activities, games, food and friends...another really great party by Katie! Thanks!

On Halloween we went to a trunk-or-treat with Chris and Robin.

During the car ride there Chris found a new use for his favorite Dot's candies... least he gave the ever-patient girl a taste!
 Tinker Bell discovered if she reached her hand into her magic basket she could find things her teeth could puncture and leak all over!
 Could we even be more precious?
 Notice that Elli has terrible stranger-danger reflexes...if she'll reach for Frankenstein's hand within the first minute of meeting him, whom will she fear?
 Look at that adorable witch and wizard, (or Elton John dressed as a wizard...we have to get it right).

After the trunk-or-treat we headed over to Chris and Robin's for an evening of chili, corn bread and pumpkin seeds, (delicious!).
Some of those seeds actually came from pumpkins we carved at Chris and Robin's only days before. Look at those works of art!

One of the perks of Halloween this year was getting to know so much about Tinker Bell. Such as...
...give her a water bottle and that fairy is your friend forever...
...she gets a little loopy late at night...
 ...motion sickness does affect her...
 ...she's cute no matter what she's doing, (even if she had to loose the wings because they kept scaring her when they stabbed her in the face!)!
 Hope you all had as great a time as we did!