A Very Small Announcement

Back when Elliot was first born, I, (Melissa), started a "mommy blog." Aside from the fact that I love being a mother, and the new responsibility a baby brought was extremely emotional, I also just love to write. That is why I am bothering to put a notice on this blog.
I really need to practice my writing. Eventually I plan on finishing a master's degree in creative writing. If I ever get there I do not want my mind to be all rusty. Therefore, I found an outlet for a little compostion "oil," if you will.
My goal, originally was to finish one thought every week. Well, Elliot is 8 1/2 months old I have have completed a total of three entries. (Ironic how being a mother depleted much of the time I used to spend writing!) But Elli's and my routine is a lot more established now, and I feel that it is time I just tell people to check out my writing, and then I'll have to keep up!
I realize that many may want to gag at a "mommy blog," others are apathetic, and some may see it as cliche. But that's ok. For those who would at least be interested, please leave comments and tell me where I can do better! Nobody ever believes me, but I really do thrive on constructive criticism, (or even destructive, instructive, conductive...whatever you choose to leave!)
Anyway, check out our links and follow the one that says, "The World in My Arms." In the meantime, take a look at these adorable photos of Elliot, and just try to tell me they are not the sweetest thing you've ever seen, (ok, but don't really...I would like to stay in my ignorant bliss!). Thanks all!