We are completely befuddled as to how our first Christmas with our baby, and in our new home, has come and gone. However, we took extensive photos in order to show family who we were not close to this holiday season just how everything went down. We think it was AMAZING!

Before Elliot could get out of bed we bustled around readying our living room. Christmas lights had to be lit, and our "fire" had to be roaring! As you can see, Santa can work with any conditions, (even if it involves hanging stockings with dental floss on a huge entertainment center!).
 Could it be that our little monkey was going to have a new friend?...
 ...she was more than happy with the arrangement!

Once we all opened our stockings, which were all filled with way too much good stuff from the jolly old man, we treated ourselves to a little "pre"breakfast. Melissa's mom and Katie had given us treats which were perfect for making the best hot chocolate ever!

Next it was present time. Elliot had quite the pile to get through...
 ...yet somehow she managed...and loved it!

A crepe breakfast filled our tummies with Christmas magic...
 ...and Elli donned her festive bib.

In the afternoon we put on our party clothes...
 ...and headed over to Grandma and Grandpa M's for more fun family, great food and, of course, presents!
 Overwhelmed by their parents' generosity!
 Elliot found all sorts of methods for unwrapping those present things!
 Our Christmas was so, so, so fun! Having Elliot with us this year added so much excitement and love! And thank you to everyone who sent goodies, cards and gifts! We appreciate your kindness and felt so loved!

This picture was actually taken the day after Christmas. We had the honour of attending Grandma Terrill's, (Matt's, cousins', grandma), Christmas party for all Terrill's in the area. Apparently there is another "honor," (usually bestowed on the newest-newlyweds in the clan), that we were much to "perfect" for, having a live version of Baby Jesus. So, with Chris and Robin laughing at us, (and pleased with themselves for getting out of the roles themselves), we played the nativity family. Our favorite part was when Robin's uncle, Harry, talked us into the experience by saying, "Who knows...this could be the first step to something really big!"
At least Elliot enjoyed herself, waving to all the sheep, wisemen, and audience. Maybe Harry was right...

We wish you all the best in the year to come!
Hope it's not a yawn!