Christmas Eve!

Our day before the big day started at Billy and Katie's with Elli's cute cousins!
 We were making cookies for Santa. All we can say is Santa was one lucky guy...those desserts were delicious!
 Sophie helped frost the cookies and her belly!
 Lia prepared for the rest of the day!

In the early evening we exchanged our traditional Christmas Eve garb...
 ...and tried to get a picture of all of us wearing our new PJs.
 At least Elliot's portrait turned out! Is that not just the sweetest little thing!?

Grandma and Grandpa M came over. First things first, gifts for Elliot, (just a couple that might have been a little too much on a crowded Christmas day).
 Then we had matza ball soup, among other tasties treats.
 All of us played Rumikube while eating our desserts, (pumpkin chocolate chip muffins...delicious!).

After Grandma and Grandpa's departure we read Luke, chapter 2, watched A Charlie Brown Christmas, and read The Night Before Christmas. Speaking for Elliot, she enjoyed her first Christmas Eve, but her parents were VERY excited for the next day...!