What's Going On!

    Aside from our daughter growing faster than bamboo, we have been pretty busy around the M & eM household. You can tell this is true for two reasons: (1) is that we have not made a "real" post since Halloween. (2) We are putting photos in this entry that are not fully edited...which for us is like being caught with our pants down...
 ...however, we will somehow get through this and let you all in on how we've been doing, cuz we know you just can't wait until our editing process is over!

In November Melissa turned 26. Nothing too interesting about the age, but we did have a great time with family and friends at Benni Hana's eating the most delicious foods! Also, Melissa demanded a picture with her favorite little person...her favorite person was the only one out of the two big enough to hold the camera! But Melissa was sure glad both persons were there for her on her big day!

We got to celebrate Jaxon's birthday with him, which came complete with a very cute cake made by his mother!

Mattboy also had a day to have his birth appreciated, and we are proud to say he not only blew out his candles, but also Jaxon's, whose cake was just to the side!

For Thanksgiving we went up to Big Bear to be with Grammy, Aunt Kathy, Uncle Tom, Nikki and Phil, Heather, Cozette and Lillian. Elliot got to sit and watch Lily crawls circles around her. However, Elli had an edge on the clapping thing...until she taught Lillian how to do so! 
Ultimately they both loved each other's company...and cheerios.

Our last day up in the snowy mountains we decided to brave the cold, (ok, it wasn't that bad during the day... and only 15 degrees at night).
 Sledding is always a good way to enjoy a winter wonderland...
 ...and we kept the crashes to a minimum, which was good for most parties.
All in all we had such a great time over our Thanksgiving break. Games, food, and good, fun family...always a wonderful combination!

This month Elli has decided that she loves dog kisses...
...and Santa...
 ...but better if you can get both! (This was at a fundraiser for an organization that trains guide dogs.)
 Yep...no Santa anxiety for this girl! She was mesmerized by the jolly fellow!
Just wait till she gets presents from him...then the love will be sealed!

Being that this is Elliot's first Christmas, we are enjoying every moment. She really loves our Christmas tree and screams in delight almost every morning when we take her into the living room. Per tradition she got her first ornament...
 ...which she hung by herself, (mostly)!

 And today Elliot made her first mess! Ahhh...such proud parents are we! Melissa just needed to go to the bathroom for a few moments, then make a bottle. Elliot had been whining the whole time, (poor girl has had a cold which has made her a little clingy, though very cuddly, which we like), so Melissa assumed that was all that was happening. Well, we underestimated our daughter's ability to multitask. Turns out she can pull all the wipes out of their container and cry at the same time! Skills.

Guess that's about it. For your viewing pleasure here are Elli's nine month stats...please take your time, enjoy, and be amazed:

Height: 28.74in    (88th percentile)
Weight: 16lbs 6.1oz    (10th percentile)
Head: 17.72in    (78th percentile) (lots o' brains!)

Till next time, Merry Christmas everyone!