Meet Juno and Some Ketchup

Well, we have some major posting to do in order to catch everyone up. Therefore, in this post we'll combine a little new, and a little old, and hopefully soon we'll get the rest up here!

First order of business is Juno. This is the gal, the one and only St. Bernard in the McIntosh home!Yes, we named her Juno McGuff after a recent movie character who got knocked up. However, it is actually very appropriate as she is only two years old and has already had puppies! (We thought it was clever). Juno was found as a stray, starving and dehydrated. We adopted her from Adopt-A-Saint here in California (which is where we are, by the way), on July 2nd. She is really sweet and funny!!
The picture below is a pretty typical Juno pose...not the most ambitious dog in the world. If it were up to her she'd lay around all day and be hand fed. Unfortunately she has to follow Melissa around everywhere, so she does not get to be as lazy as she wants to. It's pretty cute though. We are loving her so far!

For the old, we have some pics from the last two field trips we went on with Melissa's marine biology class. The first seven are from Shark's Cove at night! It was kind of freaky, but we were in a pretty shallow pool on North Shore, so it could have been way more intense! It was just weird to not be able to see anything except where your light was.
This is a collector urchin:
A cute damsel fish I didn't even know was there, but the flash caught it!
A crazy-pretty hermit crab dawning a sea anemone.
One of the weirdest sea cucumbers we've ever seen. There were some gigantic ones out there at night!
A puffer fish...Melissa's favorite fish to see!
A banded urchin all ready to eat whatever comes by.
Pretty big pencil urchin. I believe Melissa's classmate named her Harrietta.

The next field trip we went on was Shark's Cove during the day so we could compare the species we saw.
This starfish was pretty cool only because there are very few starfish found in Hawaii!
We forget the name of these fish, but they're usually everywhere.
A pretty school of some sort of fish (in case you couldn't figure that one out).
Snorkeling in the rain is actually really sounds awesome underwater!
These are two trumpet fish. I thought that trumpet fish were maybe a foot long at the most, but that bigger one in the picture was about four feet long! So crazy! It's eye looked like a dog or cow's eye, and it was just looking at us! They were so cool to see!

So, we have done a little catch-up, but there's still a lot more to do. We'll try to get 'er done!


  • Heather | July 9, 2008 at 2:38 PM

    You guys are crazy buying a St. Bernard but that's awesome! You need to put a picture with one of you with her for reference to see her ginormity.

  • Aub | July 12, 2008 at 8:29 AM

    cool! sharrk's cove at night would be so freaky - but i think your pictures are awesome! and Welcome back to the mainland! We all have to do stuff when taylor and i move down next month!