Wow...We're Posting Again!

It appears that we still have not even finished with Oahu as far as posting goes. So, before we move on to Kauai and then California we'll show the last bit of our Oahu going-ons. But first, by popular demand, here are some more photos with Juno:

We added these so you could see Juno's size compared to ourselves. She is actually just a "petite" dog of her breed. Because she was starving when found, she is still not up to her full weight. Right now she's only around 95lbs, but she's supposed to get to 115-120lbs. That's our little girl!

Oh, and before we get back to the island, this owl below is a neighbor of ours. A lady named Lanore lives behind our parent's house and she rehabilitates birds. This guy is one of four siblings who are just learning to fly. If you've never heard a barn owl screech we suggest you have that experience - it is beyond unholy! Pretty cool though!

As for Oahu, before we left we just went to the windward side and got a few shots. Below is Matt wearing China Man's Hat...
...and here's just a couple of the other windward sights:

These were taken at Waimea Bay, Melissa's favorite beach and our last trip there :(

We were treated to an Hawaiian Royal Polo Club game by the Tangs...
...of course Ashlyn was there, and we never get tired of her funny "attitude" pictures!

Aside from free games we also like to accompany the Tangs in sneaking into places we're not allowed, such as the pool and hot tub at the Marriot.

And then, for the last few days of our stay on Oahu Melissa's parents joined us. Here they are on their own personal hammock at their condo in Turtle Bay Resort.

Shark's Cove being our favorite snorkeling destination (if you haven't got that one yet), we had to take the parents there one last time...we will miss Shark's Cove!
A Dad Fish
A Matt-Eye Fish
A parrot fish! We tried forever to get a picture of a male on of these...they're very shy. They start out a grayish color with maroon, and as females. Then as they grow they turn into these pretty males! Crazy, huh? (We know a few humans who have managed such feats...)

And, here are just a few more graduation pics. This was our last adventure on Oahu, as we left with our parents only hours after the ceremony. Graduating was awesome, even if our robes caused a microclimate somewhere around 110 degrees!
With Melissa's parents.
Our good friends, Janelle and Mikey. Janelle sang the national anthem for the ceremony...the performance was amazing!
And a couple typical M & M shots...

So, guess we're just missing Kauai and a few CA moments. Slowly but surely we'll get caught up. And hey, maybe the time we do catch up we'll actually have a job! Ok...probably not, but it's a nice thought! Peace to everyone!